Jan Cholasta wrote:
Dne 24.10.2011 17:42, Rob Crittenden napsal(a):
Jan Cholasta wrote:
Dne 20.10.2011 13:20, Jan Cholasta napsal(a):
Parse comma-separated lists of values in all parameter types. This can
enabled for a specific parameter by setting the "csvlist" option to

Remove List parameter type and replace all occurences with Str with
csvlist enabled.


This change will be useful for
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/1487 and

Unit tests show no regressions.


Self-NACK - I have noticed that the batch command no longer works.

Updated patch attached.


What is the benefit of this over the List parameter type?


Mainly because the List parameter type is just a hack. This is the right
thing to do if we want to use comma-separated lists of parameters of any
type, with all the validation and other parameter type-specific features.

For example, I've added a new parameter type for IP addresses in my
patch 46
and use it for A and AAAA DNS records. Without this patch, we can either
use List for the record parameters and lose validation in dnsrecord-find
(because it is based on crud.Search, which strips all the custom
validation rules - like _validate_ipaddr - from the command parameters,
which is one of the causes of #1627) or use IPAddress for the record
parameters and lose the ability to specify them as comma-separated list
of values. With this patch, we can have both comma-separated lists and
validation at the same time.

Besides, the patch is not as big as it looks like, all the interesting
stuff is in ipalib/parameters.py, everything else is just
search-and-replace. Also I need it to fix #1487 and #1847 without doing
ugly hacks.


I think this would constitute a major version change.

One downside is you can no longer tell in the help with arguments take a CSV and which don't.

I think the CSV-related Parameter options should all begin with csv, separator and skipspace.

The batch command may eventually be made into a command, how will that affect the Any type?

It otherwise seems to work in my spot-testing.


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