On 11/10/2011 2:00 PM, Kyle Baker wrote:
Attached a mockup which shows each tab in a color set. This offers a
quick visual reference as to the tab groupings.

The colored tab looks good. What are the color settings? Suppose we have more than 3 tab groups what colors should we use?

Also I have shown settings to the right as this is inconsistent
amongst the different sections of the tool. Setting should be
displayed to the right as users are more likely to focus on the

It might not be the same for all entities. For groups the members are probably more interesting, but for ACI permissions users are probably more interested to see the settings rather than the privileges in which it belongs to.

Should we have a 'summary' tab that displays the most important info, then we provide links to go to the tab to edit the info. For example:

DNS Zone: example.com

| Summary |   | Settings |   | Records |

Settings [edit]
Name: example.com
Status: Active

Records [edit]
host1    A
host2    A

Endi S. Dewata

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