Martin Kosek wrote:
There are 2 patches improving our zone zonemgr:

1) ipa-server-install --zonemgr option validation and normalization +
the same thing in ipa dnszone-add/mod --admin-email. They now allow and
correctly process '.' in a local-part of the zonemgr e-mail (it is
encoded as '\.'.

How to test:

ipa-server-install -p secret123 -a secret123 --setup-dns
OR if e-mail is passed in SOA format:
ipa-server-install -p secret123 -a secret123 --setup-dns 

In both cases, the zonemgr e-mail will be set to correct format: 'foo

2) Our default zonemgr is changed to follow RFC 2142 recommendation -

hostmaster is an alias to root anyway (see /etc/aliases).


NACK 166, this illegal address is allowed: foo\.bar\.baz\.com

ACK 167 when 166 is ready.


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