Since I've joined FreeIPA project in summer 2011, I tried to 
understand the framework and its interworkings. Unfortunately, 
there is always not enough documentation on the code and it is far 
easier to write the code than to document it all along the way.

The result is the following draft -- far from being finished, 
perhaps far from being correct.

I'd love to hear constructive critics to improve the guide. 
Whole chapters in plain English would be awesome contribution!
Examples are a bit stupid ones that is I know, but they serve purpose 
of intentionally distracting from thinking about the framework only in 
"LDAP management tool" direction.

I have generated two versions, one for online reading, another for 
printing, if anyone is like me and consumes information from dead 
trees better than from LCD/LED/eInk.


/ Alexander Bokovoy

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