On Thu, 2011-11-24 at 17:51 +0100, Ondrej Hamada wrote:
> On 11/24/2011 03:54 PM, Ondrej Hamada wrote: 
> > https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/1979 
> > 
> > I've used code from ipalib/plugins/host.py to add support for
> > random 
> > password generation. The '--random' option is now available in 
> > user-add and user-mod commands. If both the 'password' and 'random' 
> > options are used the 'random' option will be ignored. 
> > 
> > 

Functionally, it works OK. I would just like to propose few

1) Minor API version in VERSION file should be bumped since you add a
new option
2) We should add some tests exercising this new functionality so that we
can detect regressions early
3) (optional) I am thinking if the passwords we generate are not very
user friendly. I would love to see user's face when he is told that his
new password is 5QU;8l2%]y"? .

While this is may be OK for hosts bulk passwords which are only
manipulated by admins, we may want to develop more user friendly
passwords in the user plugin.


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