There are a couple of simple things you should be aware of when it comes to using strings in our Python code.

1) If the string will be internationalized (e.g. is marked with _()) and it has more than one format substitution you *MUST* use *named* format specifiers, not positional format specifiers.

Here is an example of incorrect usage:

_("item %s has %s value") % (name, value)

Here is the correct usage:

_("item %(name)s has %(value)s value") % {'name':name, 'value':value}


_("item %(name)s has %(value)s value") % dict(name=name, value=value}

Why does this matter? Word ordering is locale dependent. Translators need the flexibility to reorder the words in the string. If you use positional format substitutions the translator can't reorder the wording. However, if you use named format substitutions the translator has the freedom to reorder the wording. Try to pick names for the for format specifiers which will provide hints to the translator as to meaning of the substitution.

2) If a function or method call has a signature like printf with a format string and a list of optional parameters to be formatted you should pass the format string and the parameters instead of formatting the string and just passing the format string. This is especially relevant to the logging methods.

Here is an example of incorrect usage:

self.debug("%s has %d items" % (, self.count))

Here is the preferred usage:

self.debug("%s has %d items",, self.count)

What's the difference and why does it matter? It's an efficiency issue. Many of the log methods will discard the message because it's filtered in some manner. If you pre-format the string you've done needless work if the message is discarded. The log routines will postpone formatting the message as long as it can and only formats the message after it determines the message will indeed be emitted. Other functions accepting a format string and optional parameters may also perform similar optimization. Converting some items into string format has significant cost, why perform that work only to discard it?

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