Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Wed, 04 Jan 2012, Rob Crittenden wrote:
+        parser.add_option('--delegate', action='store_true',
+            help='Delegate the TGT to the IPA server',
+        )

Otherwise ACK.

Updated both patches. The first (914) to address Alexander's
concern. The second to add a new global lock directive. I updated
the mod_auth_kerb patch based on feedback from the package
I'm testing both patches. Unfortunately, there is no mod_auth_kerb
option KrbConstrainedDelegationLock in the mod_auth_kerb 5.4-8 that
you have provided. SourceForge is broken these days and I can't access
anything on mod_auth_kerb upstream to verify if their development tree
contains support for the option.

I have disabled KrbConstrainedDelegationLock for time being.

Other than that all works for me.

An updated mod_auth_kerb package is in the ipa-devel repo.


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