It's come up more than once that SSSD needs a Frequently Asked Questions
page to field some of our more common questions. I'm reaching out to the
SSSD and FreeIPA user and developer communities to help us flesh out
this page.

I've begun it with the two most common questions I've received lately,
as well as a basic primer on enabling debug logging to help identify

I'd like some additional suggestions on what questions should be
answered on that page, as well as opening the page to volunteer-edits to
add answers to any questions they may have had and solved (or enlisted
aid in solving) in the past.

The page is available at and can
be edited by anyone with a free Fedora account. If you don't have one,
you can register quickly and easily at

Thank you very much for your contributions.

Once this page has some meat, I will also be looking for interested
translators to take a stab at making it accessible to non-English-native

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