Martin Kosek wrote:
On Thu, 2012-01-05 at 16:36 -0500, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Martin Kosek wrote:
Patches 185-186 are needed to make ipa-replica-install run without

How to test:

on server:
1) install the server ( is not resolvable)
# ipa-server-install -p kokos123 -a kokos123 --no-host-dns

2) Add a record for to /etc/hosts
3) Prepare the replica (without 188 it refuses to create the replica
# ipa-replica-prepare

on replica:
1) Add a record for to /etc/hosts
2) Install replica ( is not resolvable)
# ipa-replica-install --no-host-dns --ip-address=IP_ADDRESS REPLICA_FILE

The installer now use IP_ADDRESS to create a record /etc/hosts and make
the replica resolvable

Let ipa-replica-prepare and ipa-replica-install work without
proper DNS records as records in /etc/hosts are sufficient for
DS replication.

    1) ipa-replica-prepare now just checks if the replica hostname
       is resolvable (DNS records are not required). It is now able
       to prepare a replica file even when the replica IP address is
       present in /etc/hosts only.
    2) ipa-replica-install is now able to proceed when the hostname
       is not resolvable. It uses an IP address passed in a new
       option --ip-address to create a record in /etc/hosts in the
       same way as ipa-server-install does.

NACK on patch 185. The exceptions need to be changed to catch
DuplicateEntry instead of ALREADY_EXISTS

Otherwise looks ok.


Good catch, Rob! Attaching an updated set of patches.


ACK all around.


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