John Dennis wrote:
On 01/12/2012 05:36 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
John Dennis wrote:
This patch adds an ipa memcached service, it does the following:

* adds SysV initscript for ipa_memcached

* adds systemd service file for ipa_memcached

* adds tmpfiles.d configuration file for /var/run/ipa_memcached

* adds configuration file for ipa_memcached

* adds file to create service instance during server

* invokes installation of ipa_memcached during ipa-server-install

* adds dependencies to spec file

* adds ipa_memcached to ipactl service control

The conditionals for> F15 are probably not needed in the spec. Not
worth a NACK on its own.

Because we'll never deploy < f16? Or because you believe there is a
version issue not properly addressed?

Because we would never deploy on < F15 (and more likely F16). Can't argue with the clarity that this stuff only works on F15+.

Do we need to create /var/run/ipa_memcached/ ourselves?

If the answer is no then ACK.

Not sure I understand the question because the spec file does create
/var/run/ipa_memcached and that directory must exist. Upon reboot it is
recreated because of the tmpfiles configuration in
/etc/tmpfiles.d/ipa.conf for >= f15. What is your concern?

I don't see it being created in the spec file:

$ grep ipa_memcached /tmp/freeipa-jdennis-0059-Modify-spec-file-to-add-ipa_memcached-service.patch | grep mkdir


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