On 01/16/2012 12:09 PM, Jan Cholasta wrote:
> Dne 13.1.2012 20:53, Rob Crittenden napsal(a):
>> When viewing a certificate it will show the serial number as hex (dec).
>> # ipa service-show HTTP/rawhide.example.com
>> Principal: HTTP/rawhide.example....@example.com
>> Certificate: [snip]
>> Keytab: True
>> Managed by: rawhide.example.com
>> Subject: CN=rawhide.example.com,O=EXAMPLE.COM
>> Serial Number: 0x403 (1027)
>> Issuer: CN=EXAMPLE.COM Certificate Authority
>> Not Before: Fri Jan 13 15:00:44 2012 UTC
>> Not After: Thu Jan 13 15:00:44 2022 UTC
>> Fingerprint (MD5): e5:43:17:0d:8d:af:d6:69:d8:fb:eb:ca:79:fb:47:69
>> Fingerprint (SHA1):
>> c2:9e:8e:de:42:c9:4a:29:cc:b0:a0:de:57:c7:b7:d8:f9:b5:fe:e6
>> rob
> Displaying a host or a service in the webUI fails with "IPA error
> 3009: invalid 'serial_number': Decimal or hexadecimal number is
> required for serial number".
> I would suggest to do the nifty formatting of serial numbers on the
> client side, that would fix the webUI issue, allow non-IPA clients to
> parse the number without dissecting the string representation of it
> and probably also save me a hack in the type conversion overhaul. You
> could for example add a parameter flag like "format_serial_number" to
> indicate to the client that it should format the value as a serial
> number.
> Honza

Somewhat related question about cert serial numbers...
Can the serial numbers be arbitrarily strings in future or serial number
is always a number by spec? Is it a GUID?

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