On 1/23/2012 10:03 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
DNS UI was modified to offer structured way of defining DNS records.


This patch depends on Martin's patch #193.


Some issues that I think need to be fixed before push:

1. In the record details page, deleting the last value in the record generates a JavaScript error stopping the execution. It should redirect back to the search page.

2. The nsec_part_types is multi-valued, but the drop down list only allows one value. We might need to use a text field to allow multiple values until we find a better solution. Right now this can't be tested properly due to https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2307.

3. Some attributes should be displayed as a drop down list in the dialog box. One of them is already defined using options but it does not appear as a drop down list. They include:
 * sig_part_type_covered
 * rrsig_part_type_covered
 * naptr_part_flags

4. There should be enough space to show the attributes of the following records in separate columns (instead of showing the raw data):
 * SRV

5. The following attributes probably should be shown as text areas in the edit dialog and should not be displayed in the table because it could be too long:
 * cert_part_certificate_or_crl
 * ds_part_digest
 * key_part_public_key
 * sig_part_signature
 * rrsig_part_signature
 * sshfp_part_fingerprint

6. In the record edit dialog, the Edit button probably better be called Save or Update.

Issues that can be fixed later:

7. The record type header (e.g. A record) on the left of the table probably can be moved above the table to allow wider table. For comparison, in HBAC/sudo rule details page the tables occupy the entire width of the page.

8. After deleting a value, the Delete button remains enabled although there's no values selected.

9. The Edit links in the tables could be replaced with icons. Another option is to convert the record values into links which will open the dialog.

10. We could use an FQDN validator for some attributes. It can be used in host adder dialog too.

11. We could use a float validator for some attributes.

12. If possible, include an example of each record type in the test data.

Possible modifications:
1) modify labels to exclude record type's name.

Agreed. The current labels could be confusing. For example, the a_ip_address has a label 'A IP Address'. I think it should be just 'IP Address' or 'IPv4 Address'. The labels do not need to include the record type because they will always be displayed within the context of a record. The doc can provide a more verbose explanation, e.g. 'IPv4 address for DNS A record', which we can show as a tooltip.

2) hide empty tables (as I suggested in ticket description)

OK. We probably can move the Add and Delete buttons next to the type header and keep it there even when the table is visible.

3) attributes which are displayed in table columns can be easily changed
or reordered. I used following principle: "If type has up to 4
attributes: show them all in table if not, show raw value." This way all
data are displayed and columns are not too narrow.

For LOC record we probably can use a formatter to show some of the attributes in a concise way:

Latitude            Longitude           Altitude
35° 46' 26.687" N   78° 40' 34.499" W   363.06

For other record types that have many attributes, the raw data could be hard to read without knowing the exact order of the attributes and it's not aligned using columns. It might be better to show the most important attributes only. The rest of the attributes can be viewed in the edit dialog.

Endi S. Dewata

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