Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

attached are three patches that differentiate current freeipa-2.1.4
builds in Fedora 16/Rawhide from upstream. These are primarily to
adopt to systemd and python-ldap changes.

1. freeipa-abbra-0040-inifiles-support.patch introduces a way to
modify sectioned inifiles used by software like
systemd service units. The patch also fixes a subtle bug in
traditional config files handling when variables do not exist before

2. freeipa-abbra-0041-upgrade-systemd.patch introduces an upgrade
script to fix common issues found when migrating from SysV to systemd
and to adopt to systemd changes done recently for 389-ds (as of
1.2.10-0.8.a7 and above). part is not included as this
script is actual only for Fedora 16/Rawhide repos.

3. freeipa-abbra-0042-python-ldap-2.4.6-support.patch one-line fix to
support python-ldap 2.4.6 from Rawhide.

All patches are in freeipa-2.1.4-5.fc16 (.fc17) available from
updates-testing (in case of F16) or directly in Rawhide.


Seems to work ok, Fix this and you have ACK x3:

pylint error:

init/systemd/freeipa-systemd-upgrade:38: [E0602] Undefined variable 'IPAConfigError'

My fix:

+++ b/init/systemd/freeipa-systemd-upgrade
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ def convert_java_link(foo, topdir, filepaths):
 # 0. Init config
-except IPAConfigError, e:
+except config.IPAConfigError, e:
     # No configured IPA install, no need to upgrade anything


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