On 2/6/2012 8:15 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
ipasshpubkey attribute was added to user and host details pages.

New widget for ssh public keys was created.

Static preview:


Everything works, so it's ACKed. I have some comments:

1. When you click Add to add a new SSH public key the UI creates a new space for the key. The space is still empty, but it shows an undo button, implying there's a change that can be saved. However, clicking Update will generate an error "no modifications to be performed". Some possible solutions:

(a) Show the "Set SSH key" dialog when you click Add. Once you entered the key, it creates the new space that already contains the new key.

(b) When you click Update, remove all empty new space and do not generate the modify operation unless there are other changes.

2. If we decided to do #1a, the dialog title would be "Add SSH Public Key" and the button would be Add. For edit the title would be "Edit SSH Public Key" and the button would be Update.

3. Instead of showing "New: key set" or "New: key not set" we probably can show the first few characters of the key itself. This way if you're entering multiple keys you know which ones are already added.

4. It's also possible to use a table widget, which will work like solution #1a except that all changes are saved immediately so we don't need to show the partial key like in #3.

5. Instead of using a "Show/Set key" link, we probably can link the fingerprint (for existing keys) or the partial key like in #3 (for new keys). If we did the table like in #4, it can be an Edit link.

6. When modifying a key, changing the fingerprint to "Modified" is probably not necessary because the undo button will imply that the key has been modified and we can't see the original fingerprint anymore.

7. When you edit an existing key and set it into empty, it will say "Modified: key not set". I think we can just strikeout the fingerprint because it's the same as deleting the key.

8. This is a minor server issue, not sure whether it's already fixed in the latest patch. When adding a new user with a key, the output of the user-add command contains the key too. In user-show the key is only shown with the --all option.

Endi S. Dewata

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