On 2/14/2012 8:01 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
1. After redirection the breadcrumb doesn't link to the correct zone.
Try this:

a) Open the details page of an A record.
b) Click the IP address (create the PTR record if necessary), it will
show the PTR record.
c) Click the reverse zone in the breadcrumb, it will go to the forward

Hmm. It's because it was the last zone opened and the redirection
(clicking on breadcrumb causes redirection to facet's redirection facet
- in this case the zone) takes in consideration only a facet not an
entry (current pkeys state). From this point of view it behaves
correctly but I understand your point.

Are you saying, that we should change breadcrumb navigation code to take
in consideration the current state (pkeys). If so I would rather do it

I think so. If the text in the breadcrumb says reverse zone it should go to the reverse zone. This is an existing issue so let's do this separately.

So the patch is ACKed, feel free to push. The other improvements can be done separately if you want.

2. We can also create a link from the PTR record to go back to the A

Yep. Do you think it should be part of this patch?

It's not part of the original ticket. It can be done separately.

3. When all of the redirection steps work correctly, the redirection
dialog will appear and then disappear immediately. There's no time to
read the message. I think the redirection steps should be done in the
background after clicking the link and the dialog should only appear
when there's an error. So it might be better to move the redirection
code into the redirection column.

My idea behind the dialog is that if you are on slow vpn you can see
some progress and notice that something is happening. Also it prevents
doing other, not desired actions.

We already have the activity indicator. A real progress dialog would need a progress bar. Right now it looks like a debug/console window. I don't think users expect to see that when they click what looks like a regular link. A link would either work (no dialog) or fail (error dialog). A progress dialog would be more appropriate for relatively long running operations started using a button.

I also don't think it's necessary to prevent other operations because it's not changing the data. We also have the same situation with other links in the UI. It allows users to change their mind and click something else.

4. The dialog is an error dialog, so the dialog title could say
something like "Unable to open PTR record". From users' perspective they
are following a link, it's not a redirection.

I don't consider it an error dialog. The title wording can be changed to
something more appropriate but not to error message.

OK, it depends on what you decide on #3.

5. The messages shown in the dialog can be simplified. Users don't need
to know the detailed steps such as fetching the DNS zones, etc. If
there's no matching reverse zone it could just say something like:

Reverse DNS zone for <IP address> not found.

If there's a reverse zone but no PTR record, it could say something like

PTR record for <IP address> not found.
[Create PTR Record]

Yeah, maybe it is too chatty. It may be better to display general
"checking for PTR record with activity indicator next to it.

That would be better, but it also depends on #3.

6. To be consistent, all user action that changes the data should be
presented as a button. So the "Create PTR Record" above should be
converted into a button.

Good point. Will do.

Endi S. Dewata

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