On 2/15/2012 9:58 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
Tickets: #2349 #2350 #2351 #2367

Attached patches reflect recent dns plugin changes:

* DNS Zone UI: added new attributes
* DNS UI: added A,AAAA create reverse options to adder dialog
* Fixed displaying of A6 Record
* New UI for DNS global configuration

Two prerequisites:

* Static metadata update - new DNS options
* New checkboxes option: Mutual exclusive

If acked, should be pushed after Martin's 195-199, 202

I tested this on the 2.2 branch with Martin's patches (rebased). Some issues that needs fixing:

1. The server accepts IP addresses without masks for idnsallowquery and idnsallowtransfer. The UI doesn't accept IP addresses without masks. If you add the IP addresses without masks via CLI, it will appear as invalid in UI.

2. The deleting all values of idnsallowquery and idnsallowtransfer doesn't work. When there's no values left for these attributes the UI doesn't send the modify operation.

3. When adding an A/AAAA record and checking the 'create reverse' option, if the reverse zone doesn't exist it will show an error dialog box saying it cannot create the reverse record. The A/AAAA record is actually created but the page is not refreshed. I think it should detect the error 4304 and refresh the page.

4. In #3 the error dialog shows a Retry button but if you click it it will say 'no modifications to be performed'. This is because the A/AAAA record is already added. I think we can use the message dialog that only has an OK button.

5. When you click Add to add the second value in the new multi-valued fields (allow query, allow transfer, zone forwarders, global forwarders), it will show an error message immediately although it's still empty. I think we should either not do the validation if it's a new and empty, or change the validation to accept empty values.

Possible enhancements:

6. The server doesn't support 'localhost' and 'localnets' for idnsallowquery and idnsallowtransfer. Right now the UI allows these values, but they will be rejected by the server. We probably can reject these values in the UI too saying it's unsupported (instead of invalid).

7. Not being a DNS expert, I'm not sure if it makes sense to allow 'any' and 'none' together, or in combination with IP addresses/networks. The server currently allows it, but suppose later we change that, the UI probably should show a combination of radio buttons and multivalued text fields or table like this:

 ( ) None
 ( ) Any
 (*) IP Addresses/Networks
     Allow                 [Add] [Delete]
     [ ]

     Deny                  [Add] [Delete]
     [ ]

8. The behavior of the checkboxes for idnsforwardpolicy is a bit unusual because you can only select at most one value. Usually checkboxes allow you to select multiple values. It might be better to use 3 radio buttons for all possible values: only, first, and none/default. BTW, the CLI docs doesn't really mention that empty value is possible.

7. We should plan to separate the entity from the navigation because the navigation map should not be dependent on the entities. Later we might have pages that do not correspond to any entities (e.g. login/logout pages). Also entities should not need to be defined in the navigation map if it's not part of the map. I think the 'hidden' and the 'depth' parameters are temporary workarounds for these issues.

Endi S. Dewata

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