On 2/22/2012 6:18 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:

(prerequisite) [PATCH] Multiple fields for one attribute:

Current implementation has a limitation to have one field per one
attribute. This is fine for most cases. For cases where an attribute can
have two editor widgets which can be swapped a need for two different
types of field may occur.

This patch introduces 'param' option which supposes to contain attribute
name. If 'param' is not specified it will contain field's name therefore
backward compatibility is maintained. This extension allows to have two
fields with different name and same param -> two fields get/supply value
from/to the same attribute.

[PATCH] Added attrs to permission when target is group or filter:

Option to set attributes in permission was missing for target 'group'
and 'filter'.

Attribute_table_widget with type=group is shown for target=group.

For target=filter a multivalued textbox is shown. This is because UI
can't predict what type will the result of the filter be. In future it
can be extended by interactive attribute selector to help user find what
he wants to enter.

Mutlivalued widget was modified to show undo button for new entries even
if show_undo is false. It is useful in adder dialog to indicate that
user added something and to enable it reversal.


ACK. Some comments:

When adding attributes for filter permission it will show undo buttons. For consistency it might be better to use Delete links instead of undo buttons. However, instead of crossing out the values like in the details page, the Delete links will remove the entire row just like the undo button. We don't use undo buttons in dialogs because the values are new, so there is nothing to undo.

Do you think it's possible to make the fields generic enough so it can be used with any type of widgets? So maybe instead of mapping an attribute into multiple fields we can map a field into multiple widgets. Fields/attributes to an entity is like columns to a table, so ideally they shouldn't be widget specific.

Endi S. Dewata

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