Petr Viktorin wrote:
Most of the tests we have check if the server does the right thing with
XML-RPC calls. How the commandline is converted to command arguments,
including interactive prompting, is untested.
This patch adds some tests in this area. To do that I had to break up into more manageable pieces, and initialize the CLI plugins in
test mode.

Also I added nose's --nocapture option to the make-test script. With
this it's possible to use pdb.set_trace() to drop into a debugger while
running the tests.

I went ahead and added a test for ticket 2484, fixed in Martin's patch
231 (Ignore case in yes/no prompts).

John had done similar work with --nocapture a while back but it is still pending. Perhaps we can merge his changes in with yours, they look largely overlapping. His patch is [PATCH 54/54] ticet 2135 - enhance make-test for debugging


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