On 3/19/2012 1:06 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
One more thing, this may not be a problem now, but the error_container
uses both facet-content and facet-error CSS classes. I understand this
is done to avoid code duplication, but this also means the facet will
have 2 facet-contents. CSS classes can be used for decorative or
structural purposes or both, so we need to make sure decorative changes
will not affect it structurally. One solution is to duplicate the CSS
code from facet-content into facet-error. Another solution is to use a
separate decorative class that are added into both facet-content and
facet-error elements.

It is little bit more difficult. If I look at it structurally the error
div is facet-content too. So the facet has two contents - proper and
error. Is it OK? Does it break some design principle. If so, would it be
better to have separate error_facet?

I think it is not good to have two contents but current implementation
is not ready for separate error_facet - navigation code might protest.

My original concern was suppose someone uses jQuery to search for
facet-content he might find 2 elements. But maybe not since only one of
them is enabled, I haven't verified it. I think this is OK for now.
We'll revisit the code if it becomes a problem.

What about ids? ie: id="entity_name-facet_name-content_name"

I'd rather not use ID if possible. The ID will be long, harder to use and maintain. Another possibility is to move facet-error into facet-content, but I'm not sure it will help address the problem.

Endi S. Dewata

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