On 03/21/2012 10:28 AM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
> On 03/20/2012 10:08 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>> Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>> On 03/16/2012 12:55 PM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>>> On 03/15/2012 08:55 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>>>>> Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>>>>> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2227 (Unable to add certain
>>>>>> sudo
>>>>>> commands to groups). What an interesting bug to get :)
>>>>>> One problem with our CSV splitting is that it's not idempotent
>>>>>> (baskslashes are "eaten" when there are escaped commas), but when we
>>>>>> forward a call it gets done on both the client and the server. The
>>>>>> attached patch fixes that in a somewhat hacky way. It's not a
>>>>>> complete
>>>>>> fix for the issue though, for that I need to ask what to do.
>>>>>> Some Params use the CSV format when we just need a list of
>>>>>> comma-separated values. Our flavor of CSV does escaping in two
>>>>>> different
>>>>>> ways. This is pretty bad for predictability, least-surprise,
>>>>>> documentation, ...
>>>>>> To recap, the two ways are escaping (escaped commas are ignored,
>>>>>> backslashes also need to be escaped) and quoting (values are
>>>>>> optionally
>>>>>> enclosed in double quotes, to include a '"' in a quoted string, use
>>>>>> '""').
>>>>>> Escaping is good because users are used to it, but currently literal
>>>>>> backslashes need to be doubled, making multivalue syntax different
>>>>>> from
>>>>>> single-value syntax, even if there are no commas in the value.
>>>>>> Quoting is weird, but complete by itself so it doesn't also need
>>>>>> escaping.
>>>>>> Do we need to use both? Is this documented somewhere? Some of our
>>>>>> tests
>>>>>> check only for one, some assume the other. Users are probably even
>>>>>> more
>>>>>> confused.
>>>>>> If we only keep one of those, the fix for #2227 should be quite
>>>>>> easy.
>>>>>> If not (backwards compatibility), we need to document this properly,
>>>>>> test all the corner cases, and fix the UI to handle CSV escaping.
>>>>>> Since it's subtly broken in lots of places, maybe it's best to break
>>>>>> backwards compatibility and go for a simple solution now.
>>>>>> Anyway, if I want to do a proper fix, CSV handling should be only
>>>>>> done
>>>>>> on the client. Unfortunately turning off CSV handling in the server
>>>>>> will
>>>>>> break the UI, which at places uses `join(',')` (no escaping
>>>>>> commas, no
>>>>>> single place to change it), even though it can just send a list.
>>>>> I'm with Honza, not too keen on the _forwarded_call part. I'd rather
>>>>> you
>>>>> do a mix of comparing self.env.in_server and whether the value is a
>>>>> basestring to determine if we need to split it.
>>>> This was a hack necessary because the WebUI relied on server-side
>>>> splitting (in a few cases, and it did not escape correctly). Now that
>>>> Petr Vobornik's patch 99 is in, it is unnecessary.
>>>> This discussion thread has an updated patch (0015-03); what I'm
>>>> attaching now builds on top of that to add several new changes in
>>>> tests.
>>>> To summarize it: the splitting is only done in the client; from the
>>>> RPC
>>>> call on no CSV magic is involved at all.
>>>> Please tell me your reasons for basestring checking. I think it's
>>>> entirely unnecessary and just adds complexity.
>>>> In the rest of the framework a string, as a parameter value, has the
>>>> same effect as a list of that one string. Why break this?
>>>> We are concerned about the API here, not the command line.
>>>> Shortcuts to
>>>> save the user's keystrokes in the common case should *not* win over
>>>> predictability and making sure the easier way is the correct,
>>>> robust way
>>>> to do it. Compare -- with basestring checking:
>>>> some_command(arg=escape_commas(some_string))
>>>> - is correct
>>>> some_command(arg=[some_string])
>>>> - is also correct
>>>> some_command(arg=some_string)
>>>> - is WRONG because the string is not escaped
>>>> - but is the easiest solution!
>>>> The problem is much worse because it is subtle: it only affects values
>>>> with commas and backslashes, so *the wrong solution would work* in
>>>> most
>>>> of the cases.
>>>> And I can assure you plugin writers *would* pick the wrong way if it
>>>> would usually work. Our own web UI had examples.
>>>> Contrast to my proposed behavior:
>>>> some_command(arg=some_string)
>>>> - is correct
>>>> some_command(arg=[some_string])
>>>> - is also correct
>>>> some_command(arg=escape_commas(some_string))
>>>> - is wrong, but doesn't make much sense because at this level you
>>>> don't
>>>> have to worry about CSV at all
>>>> Basestring checking would add unnecessary complexity for both us *and*
>>>> the plugin writer. The only case it would make it easier for the
>>>> plugin
>>>> writer is if the plugin took CSV values ­-- but why force a random
>>>> format, tailored for our specific frontend, into RPC clients?
>>>> The client should translate the command line into a RPC call.
>>>> There's no
>>>> reason to arbitrarily expect the server to do part of the job.
>>>>> I'm not sure why this is broken out of normalize. Isn't this
>>>>> normalizing
>>>>> the incoming values into something more sane?
>>>> "Normalization" implies it's an idempotent operation, which CSV
>>>> splitting is not (at least its current incarnation, without the
>>>> basestring checking):
>>>> r"a,b\,c" splits to ["a", "b,c"] which splits to ["a", "b", "c"]
>>> Just to make things clear: freeipa-pviktori-0015-04 is the latest
>>> version of this patch.
>>> It's complemented by freeipa-pviktori-0021-03 which adds the tests for
>>> this (and other things) (but contains one more refactor).
>>> If and when that's all reviewed and pushed, I'd like to discuss
>>> freeipa-pviktori-0018 (Simplify CSV escaping syntax). I'm not saying my
>>> solution there is perfect, but the flavor of Python's CSV parsing we're
>>> using now is quite quirky. It would be nice to get the syntax right, or
>>> at least better, while we're fixing this from a totally-broken state.
>>> Later there'll be backwards compatibility problems.
>>> But, don't let that hold back this patch.
>> I'm still not completely convinced. This patch looks ok and I'm sold on
>> client side only parsing but this doesn't actually fix any of the CSV
>> bugs we have open.
>> I'd like to evaluate this in more context.
>> I think the simplest fix is to drop escapechar processing in the
>> csvreader and have users quote strings with commas instead, this is how
>> I originally intended it to work. The UI won't have to do anything
>> special since it will already be split and it isn't a lot to ask to put
>> quotes around a value on the CLI.
>> This is my proposed fix on top of your patch:
>> diff --git a/ipalib/parameters.py b/ipalib/parameters.py
>> index 80b175d..ec6020e 100644
>> --- a/ipalib/parameters.py
>> +++ b/ipalib/parameters.py
>> @@ -702,7 +702,7 @@ class Param(ReadOnly):
>> # csv.py doesn't do Unicode; encode temporarily as UTF-8:
>> csv_reader = csv.reader(self.__utf_8_encoder(unicode_csv_data),
>> dialect=dialect,
>> - delimiter=self.csv_separator, escapechar='\\',
>> + delimiter=self.csv_separator, quotechar='"',
>> skipinitialspace=self.csv_skipspace,
>> **kwargs)
>> for row in csv_reader:
>> With this change:
>> - all the self-tests pass
>> - https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2417 is fixed
>> - https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2227 is fixed
>> I tested with:
>> $ ipa sudocmdgroup-add-member test --sudocmd='/bin/chown -R
>> apache\:developers /var/www/*/shared/log'
>> $ ipa role-add-privilege --privileges='"u,r stuff"' test
>> rob
> Yes, that works well. ACK on your change; here it is squashed in.
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2402 can wait for 3.0, then?

Is it risky to take it in?

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