Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 26.3.2012 16:15, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Jan Cholasta wrote:


You can still set a custom subject base for selfsign installations so
you need a special case in valid_issuer().

For selfsign installations, the issuer is always "CN=REALM Certificate
Authority", no matter what is set in the subject base, so no special
case is needed.

I wonder if this comparison
should be case insensitive too.

I think the DN class already takes care of this.

It may also be an optimization to cache the base in subject_base(). It
can't change after install time so it should be valid the entire
lifetime of the server.

What if someone does

$ ipa config-mod --setattr ipacertificatesubjectbase='O=Something'

Ok, you're right about the issuer and DN case insensitivity, so we're good there. I think that caching is still a good idea.

We'll handle the immutable subjectbase as a separate problem. This is really pretty minor and isn't a show stopper, you just have to revert it and things work again.


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