On Wed, 04 Apr 2012, John Dennis wrote:
Ticket #2502

* remove the "running" flag from backup_state in cainstance.py and
 dsinstance.py because it does not provide the correct
 information. In cainstance the running flag was never referenced
 because restarting dirsrv instances occurs later in dsinstance. In
 dsinstance when the running flag is set it incorrectly identifed the
 PKI ds instance configured earlier by cainstance. The intent was to
 determine if there were any ds instances other than those owned by
 IPA which will need to be restarted upon uninstall. Clearly the PKI
 ds instance does not qualify. We were generating a traceback when at
 the conclusion of dsinstance.uninstall we tried to start the
 remaining ds instances as indicated by the running flag, but there
 were none to restart (because the running flag had been set as a
 consequence of the PKI ds instance).

* We only want to restart ds instances if there are other ds instances
 besides those owned by IPA. We shouldn't be stopping all ds
 instances either, but that's going to be covered by another
 ticket. The fix for restarting other ds instances at the end of
 uninstall is to check and see if there are other ds instances
 remaining after we've removed ours, if so we restart them. Also it's
 irrelevant if those ds instances were not present when we installed,
 it only matters if they exist after we restore things during
 uninstall. If they are present we have to start them back up because
 we shut them down during uninstall.

* Add new function get_ds_instances() which returns a list of existing
 ds instances.

* fixed error messages that incorrectly stated it "failed to restart"
 a ds instance when it should be "failed to create".
+def get_ds_instances():
+    '''
+    Return a sorted list of all 389ds instances.
+    If the instance name ends with '.removed' it is ignored. This
+    matches 389ds behavior.
+    '''
+    dirsrv_instance_dir='/etc/dirsrv'
+    instance_prefix = 'slapd-'
+    instances = []
+    for basename in os.listdir(dirsrv_instance_dir):
+        pathname = os.path.join(dirsrv_instance_dir, basename)
+        # Must be a directory
+        if os.path.isdir(pathname):
+            # Must start with prefix and not end with .removed
+            if basename.startswith(instance_prefix) and not 
+                # Strip off prefix
+                instance = basename[len(instance_prefix):]
+                # Must be non-empty
+                if instance:
+                    instances.append(basename[len(instance_prefix):])
You have already generated basename[len(instance_prefix):], may be it
could be as simple as instances.append(instance)

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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