Petr Viktorin wrote:
Currently, our test script forwards a select few command line arguments
to nosetests.
This patch removes the filtering, passing all arguments through.
This allows things like disabling output redirection (--nocapture),
dropping into a debugger (--pdb, --pdb-failures), coverage reporting
(--with-cover, once installed), etc.

I believe this is a better solution than adding individual options as
they're needed.


A coverage report can be generated by combining data from both the tests
and the server. I run this:

yum install python-coverage
echo /.coverage* >> .git/info/exclude
echo /htmlcov/ >> .git/info/exclude

Terminal 1:
coverage erase
coverage run -p --source .

Terminal 2:
./make-test --with-coverage --cover-inclusive

Terminal 1 again:
coverage combine
coverage html --omit=/usr/lib/*

Then view ./htmlcov/index.html in a browser.

This looks very good to me. I'll open a ticket to go through the coverage to find weaknesses.

John, this replaces your existing patch, does this still fit the bill?


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