On 04/11/2012 05:26 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Petr Viktorin wrote:
Currently, our test script forwards a select few command line arguments
to nosetests.
This patch removes the filtering, passing all arguments through.
This allows things like disabling output redirection (--nocapture),
dropping into a debugger (--pdb, --pdb-failures), coverage reporting
(--with-cover, once installed), etc.


I believe this is a better solution than adding individual options as
they're needed.


A coverage report can be generated by combining data from both the tests
and the server. I run this:

yum install python-coverage
echo /.coverage*>>  .git/info/exclude
echo /htmlcov/>>  .git/info/exclude

Terminal 1:
coverage erase
coverage run -p --source . lite-server.py

Terminal 2:
./make-test --with-coverage --cover-inclusive

Terminal 1 again:
coverage combine
coverage html --omit=/usr/lib/*

Then view ./htmlcov/index.html in a browser.

This looks very good to me. I'll open a ticket to go through the
coverage to find weaknesses.

John, this replaces your existing patch, does this still fit the bill?


Yes, this looks fine, it's a perfectly reasonable approach. The thing I was trying to address in my patch 54 was the fact you couldn't start the tests from within the debugger which prevented you from setting breakpoints. Petr's patch solves the same problem, but in a more general manner. ACK.

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