Traditionally when using autotools it's job of the configure script to generate files from .in template files. The reason it's done this way is because configure has to probe the system it's running on to discover the correct substitutions to be used in the .in templates.

In our top level Makefile we generate several files from .in templates under the "version-update" target. Most of this logic applies to inserting version information into specific files. In the context of release specific data this is probably a valid methodology although other projects have incorporated the version munging into configure. For version strings I don't think there is necessarily a correct approach (e.g. part of configure or external to configure). Technically updating the version strings is part of "make dist" step, i.e. the act of creating the distribution, which is independent of configure.

However, any template file that depends on the target system where configure is being run should be created by configure. Why? Because that's the design of autotools and how people expect things will work in an autotools environment. Another reason is you might mistakenly use a generated file on a target it was not configured for. When generated files are not created by configure the likely hood of that mistake increases because the distinction between a "distribution" file and a file designed to be generated on the target is lost (in this case the .in template is the distribution file).

Currently we create ipapython/ from ipapython/ in the top level Makefile, not from configure. I believe that's a mistake, ipapython/ is a file that depends on the target it's being built on and should be produced by configure. Also, it's generation is part of the 'version-update' target in the top level Makefile, but generating ipapython/ is completely divorced from updating version information for the distribution snapshot, it logically doesn't belong there.

FWIW, I discovered this issue when trying to fix the build for the i18n validation which is now run with the lint check (because it too has dependencies on files generated by configure).

Some of our test/validation utilities (e.g. makeapi, make-lint, etc) locate all our source files. But if our set of source files is not complete until we generate them (or not syntactically complete until processed) then those validation steps will be incomplete or erroneous.

We shouldn't run the validation code until AFTER we've generated all our source files from their respective template files. Which means we shouldn't run them until after configure has executed, which means making bootstrap-autogen a dependency of the validation targets.

The only reason it's worked so far is because everything is dependent on updating the version information which as a side-effect is generating other source code files.

The problem manifests itself in other ways as well. Here is a more general explanation:

Many of our tools depend on knowing our set of source files. Some of our tools locate them by searching, some have a hardcoded enumerated list, and some derive the list by interrogating git.

Anything that depends on git fails after a distribution tarball is created because the git repo does not exist in the distribution. Anything that depends on search is probably O.K. when building in an antiseptic environment known to be clean (i.e. building an RPM) but is likely to fail in a development environment that picks up cruft along the way. Hardcoded lists fail when developers forget to update them.

I discovered this problem when I tried to move the i18n validation checks into the normal build process. It fails because it uses git to generate the list of files to validate. Perhaps a better approach would be to generate the file list using git and include the file list in the distribution.

Anyway, all of this is to say we need to be careful how and when we generate files as well as our dependencies on those generated files as well as what's in the distribution, where the build is occurring, and how, when and what we choose to validate.

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