On Thu, 19 Apr 2012, John Dennis wrote:
Ticket #2512

In hbactest.py there is a name error wrapped inside a try/except block
that ignores all errors so the code block exits prematurely leaving a
critical variable uninitialized.

The name error is the result of a cut-n-paste error that references a
variable that had never been initialized in the scope of the code
block. Python generates an exception when this variable is referenced
but because it's wrapped in a try/except block that catches all errors
and ignores all errors there is no evidence that something went wrong.

The fix is to use the correct variables.

At some point we may want to revist if ignoring all errors and
proceding as if nothing happened is actually correct. Alexander tells
me this mimics what SSSD does in the hbac rule processing, thus the
ignoring of errors is intentional. But in a plugin whose purpose is to
test and exercise hbac rules I'm not sure ignoring all errors is
really the right behavior.

Could you please file a ticket for these enhancements for error
reporting? It would require additional UI work to present the errors
from missing entries different to rules' errors themselves.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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