On 05/18/2012 10:03 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Rob Crittenden wrote:
A hardcoded timeout was used in ipactl for service restarts, set rather
low. A separate timeout was hardcoded into the installer.

I centralized them into a single timeout, configurable in the standard
way in /etc/ipa/*.conf.

On install it will always default to 120 seconds and remain there unless
changed in default.conf (not replicated either).

I tested this on systemd systems and sysV systems and it works ok for
me. You'll also want to double-check that this works when other 389-ds
instances are installed.

Getting the naming of instances right was a bit tricky.

Noticed a problem on upgrades and fixed that. Updated patch attached.


Please rebase the patch onto current master.


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