On 05/29/2012 11:29 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Petr Vobornik wrote:
IPA web UI isn't functional when browser doesn't send http headers.

This patch adds a functionality which sets Firefox
network.http.sendRefererHeader configuration option to value '2' which
enables it.

Possible values: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.http.sendRefererHeader


Should we also add a message when referer is missing to check this
setting in about:config?

I'm not sure what you have in mind. We set the referer option so why would user check it afterwards?

Yes the ticket was about checking the option but: If user is configuring the browser he wants the browser configured. So we should set all options which are required. This is one of them. We have not been notifying the user what was set, so I didn't add such notification for this option now as well.

We might want to notify the user what options were changed but it's not the topic of this ticket.

I was also thinking about upgrading the configure.jar. We had a ticket
for it, which ended by documenting the steps.


I think the documentation is wrong. In it we are rebuilding the .jar
from /usr/share/ipa/html/preferences.html, this file is created on
server install and it is never updated therefore the .jar won't be
updated. The updated file is its template (the one changed in this
patch). The template output is created in
httpinstance.__setup_autoconfig() call.

For my development purposes I took this code and created a script which
rebuilds the .jar file (attached). Do we want to use it?

Yes, I think it is worth having this somewhere, even if just on the wiki.


Petr Vobornik

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