On 6/26/2012 9:46 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
This is patch is more like a draft.

I'm not sure where to display the 'password is going to expire'

I was deciding between:
  1) red bold text in Web UI header
  2) popup dialog after Web UI initialization

I don't like unwanted pop-up dialogs so I used first option.

If we only support 1 short message I'd prefer option #1. Some users might not want to reset the password immediately, so they need to be constantly reminded about the password expiration.

If the message is too long, or we want to support multiple messages (not just for password expiration), we can show a message icon like in the upper right corner of Fedora desktop. When you click it it will open a dialog box listing all messages. In this dialog you can delete each message. The icon will disappear only if there's no message left.

I didn't make a 'password reset link' because it is done in user's
detail page and a link there is right next to this notification.

I'd say the message should include a link, something like this:

  Your password will expire in n days. [Reset your password].

The link is important because:

 * Without the link the message doesn't tell you what to do or how
   to reset the password.
 * Users might not realize that the [Logged In As: <user>] is a link
   that can bring them to their profile page.
 * Even if they're in the right page, they might not know there's a
   reset password link in the action panel.

The [Reset your password] link can open the Password Reset dialog for the current user, regardless of the current page. To avoid confusion the dialog probably should be changed to show the username of the user being updated.

What do you think?

Endi S. Dewata

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