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Hello all,

In a scope of ticket 2511 I would like to implement an
ability to
delegate a DNS update permissions to chosen user (or host)
having to give the user full "Update DNS Entries" privileges,
him to modify any DNS zone or record.

So far, this is what I would like to do (comments welcome):

1) Create new objectclass "idnsManagedZone" with "managedBy"
in MAY list
2) Create new DNS commands:
      a] dnszone-add-managedby [--users=USERS] [--hosts=HOSTS]
      b] dnszone-remove-managedby [--users=USERS] [--hosts=HOSTS]
      - these commands would add/remove chosen user/host DN to
attribute in chosen DNS zone
3) Add new generic ACIs to cn=dns,$SUFFIX:
aci: (target = "ldap:///idnsname=*,cn=dns,$SUFFIX";)(version
"Users and hosts can add DNS entries";allow (add) userattr =
... add similar ACIs for UPDATE, REMOVE access

With these steps done, all that an administrator would need
to do to
delegate a management of a DNS zone "example.com" is to run this
$ ipa dnszone-add-managedby example.com --users=fbar

The only downside I found so far is that the user would
already need to
have "Read DNS Entries" permission assigned, otherwise he
would not be
able to actually read DNS entries (allow rules can't take
over deny rule we implemented to deny public access to DNS

An admin could of course create a special privilege and role
with just
"Read DNS Entries" permission and then assign it to relevant
users/groups, but this looks awkward. Any idea to make this
Maybe creating a group "dns readers" by default which would
allow such

Change the deny rule to deny to everyone except the user in
"parent[1].managedby#USERDN" ?


Good idea, I will do that. I will just use
"parent[0,1].managedby#USERDN" so that user can also read the zone
record. This way, a selected user will have read/write access
to the
chosen zone only, which is exactly what we want to achieve.

Yes, this sounds workable to me too.


There were some second thoughts about the proposed design, which
I would
like to discuss so that we can eventually accept another (better)
solution for this feature.

The main concern here was that proposed solution (based on user
list in
managedBy attribute in DNS zone) is not in line with the rest of
permission&privilege architecture in IPA.

Here is another idea how to address the feature (I tested it and it
would work):
1) Get rid of the deny rule on cn=dns,$SUFFIX by modifying global
rule (a working patch attached) to avoid current and future
issues with
extending ACIs (deny rules are evil).

2) Add new Managed Entry Definition and Template to automatically
"Manage DNS zone $idsname" permission. These could be used with
IPA privileges, roles and thus could be assigned to users, groups,
hosts, hostgroups...

3) New DNS zone managedBy attribute won't be manageable by user,
but it
will hold a DN of the managed Permission entry

4) Add the following ACIs to cn=dns,$SUFFIX:
aci: (targetattr = "*")
(version 3.0; acl "Read DNS entries"; allow (read,search,compare)
userattr = "parent[0,1].managedby#GROUPDN";)

aci: (target = "ldap:///idnsname=*,cn=dns,$SUFFIX";)
(version 3.0;acl "Add dns entries";allow (add)
userattr = "parent[1].managedby#GROUPDN";)

aci: (target = "ldap:///idnsname=*,cn=dns,$SUFFIX";)
(version 3.0;acl "Remove DNS entries";allow (delete)
userattr = "parent[1].managedby#GROUPDN";)

aci: (targetattr = "idnsname || cn || idnsallowdynupdate ||
dnsttl ||
dnsclass || arecord || aaaarecord || a6record || nsrecord ||
|| ptrrecord || srvrecord || txtrecord || mxrecord || mdrecord   ||
hinforecord || minforecord || afsdbrecord || sigrecord ||
keyrecord ||
locrecord || nxtrecord ||     naptrrecord || kxrecord ||
certrecord ||
dnamerecord || dsrecord || sshfprecord || rrsigrecord ||
nsecrecord ||
idnsname || idnszoneactive || idnssoamname || idnssoarname ||
idnssoaserial || idnssoarefresh || idnssoaretry || idnssoaexpire ||
idnssoaminimum || idnsupdatepolicy || idnsallowquery ||
idnsallowtransfer || idnsallowsyncptr || idnsforwardpolicy ||
(target = "ldap:///idnsname=*,cn=dns,$SUFFIX";)(version 3.0;acl
DNS Entries";allow (write) userattr =

I needed to add permission DN to the managedBy attribute so that
I could
create just one set of generic ACIs without having to create a
set of
ACIs for every new zone and thus let users with "Update DNS entries"
permission have a write access to the "aci" attribute.

Would this design be better than the previous one? Comments welcome.

Removing Deny ACIs would be great.
But don't we need a second set of ACIs to allow uber admins to still
control all zones ? or is that part of current ACIs not going to
change ?


Thanks to the removal of the deny rule, this would be already
allowed by
this existing ACI:

aci: (targetattr != "userPassword || krbPrincipalKey ||
|| sambaNTPassword || passwordHistory || krbMKey ||
krbPrincipalName ||
krbCanonicalName || krbUPEnabled || krbTicketPolicyReference ||
krbPrincipalExpiration || krbPasswordExpiration ||
|| krbPrincipalType || krbPwdHistory || krbLastPwdChange ||
krbPrincipalAliases || krbExtraData || krbLastSuccessfulAuth ||
krbLastFailedAuth || krbLoginFailedCount || krbTicketFlags ||
ipaUniqueId || memberOf || serverHostName || enrolledBy")(version 3.0;
acl "Admin can manage any entry"; allow (all) groupdn =

Oh right!
I like it even more then :-)


Yes, this looks like it will work and eliminating a deny rule is a
definite plus.


I have finished a patch based on the second design. IMO it is indeed
better -
no deny ACI for DNS and just a standard permission for per-zone access

There is just one difference from the proposed design draft: per-zone
permissions are not created automatically by Managed Entry plugin, but
manually and only for DNS zones where per-zone access is needed. There
is a new
command for that - dnszone-add-permission.

This will leave permission tree cleaner + we won't have to deal with all
Managed Entry plugin machinery.

More details can be found in a commit message.


In permission_add_noaci.get_options, it would be better to filter out
the `permission.aci_attributes`. If you only allow ('all', 'raw',
'permissiontype'), the list will have to be updated whenever a new
global option is added.
(This would happen for ticket #2732; I'll want to make the 'version'
argument explicit for all commands.)

Right, I fixed the option generation to rather simply filter out ACI attribute
list we already have available.

Unprivileged users can find out if a zone is defined by trying to delete
it. Is this expected behavior?

$ ipa dnszone-del idm.lab.bos.redhat.com
ipa: ERROR: Insufficient access: Insufficient 'delete' privilege to
delete the entry

$ ipa dnszone-del does.not.exist
ipa: ERROR: does.not.exist: DNS zone not found

Yeah, that's true. Not sure if we can do much about it, that's how LDAP
behaves. But since no actual record value is returned to the user he could only
try to brute-force the LDAP structure. This should not hurt, he could as well
try to brute force the DNS records via DNS queries which would even give him
more information.

Bottom line is that I think that current ACIs are right, but I can be convinced
with a better solution...

The patch works well on upgrade. Tomorrow I'll test a fresh install.

One more comment: there is no error message when removing a permission that
doesn't exist:

$ ./ipa dnszone_remove_permission idm.lab.bos.redhat.com
Removed system permission "Manage DNS zone idm.lab.bos.redhat.com"
$ ./ipa dnszone_remove_permission idm.lab.bos.redhat.com
Removed system permission "Manage DNS zone idm.lab.bos.redhat.com"

I found no other issues.

# ipa dnszone-remove-permission example.com
Removed system permission "Manage DNS zone example.com"
# ipa dnszone-remove-permission example.com
ipa: ERROR: Manage DNS zone example.com: permission not found




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