Martin Kosek wrote:
On 07/03/2012 04:41 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Deleting a replica can leave a replication vector (RUV) on the other servers.
This can confuse things if the replica is re-added, and it also causes the
server to calculate changes against a server that may no longer exist.

389-ds-base provides a new task that self-propogates itself to all available
replicas to clean this RUV data.

This patch will create this task at deletion time to hopefully clean things up.

It isn't perfect. If any replica is down or unavailable at the time the
cleanruv task fires, and then comes back up, the old RUV data may be
re-propogated around.

To make things easier in this case I've added two new commands to
ipa-replica-manage. The first lists the replication ids of all the servers we
have a RUV for. Using this you can call clean_ruv with the replication id of a
server that no longer exists to try the cleanallruv step again.

This is quite dangerous though. If you run cleanruv against a replica id that
does exist it can cause a loss of data. I believe I've put in enough scary
warnings about this.


Good work there, this should make cleaning RUVs much easier than with the
previous version.

This is what I found during review:

1) list_ruv and clean_ruv command help in man is quite lost. I think it would
help if we for example have all info for commands indented. This way user could
simply over-look the new commands in the man page.

2) I would rename new commands to clean-ruv and list-ruv to make them
consistent with the rest of the commands (re-initialize, force-sync).

3) It would be nice to be able to run clean_ruv command in an unattended way
(for better testing), i.e. respect --force option as we already do for
ipa-replica-manage del. This fix would aid test automation in the future.

4) (minor) The new question (and the del too) does not react too well for 

# ipa-replica-manage clean_ruv 3 --force
Clean the Replication Update Vector for

Cleaning the wrong replica ID will cause that server to no
longer replicate so it may miss updates while the process
is running. It would need to be re-initialized to maintain
consistency. Be very careful.
Continue to clean? [no]: unexpected error:

5) Help for clean_ruv command without a required parameter is quite confusing
as it reports that command is wrong and not the parameter:

# ipa-replica-manage clean_ruv
Usage: ipa-replica-manage [options]

ipa-replica-manage: error: must provide a command [clean_ruv | force-sync |
disconnect | connect | del | re-initialize | list | list_ruv]

It seems you just forgot to specify the error message in the command definition

6) When the remote replica is down, the clean_ruv command fails with an
unexpected error:

[root@vm-086 ~]# ipa-replica-manage clean_ruv 5
Clean the Replication Update Vector for

Cleaning the wrong replica ID will cause that server to no
longer replicate so it may miss updates while the process
is running. It would need to be re-initialized to maintain
consistency. Be very careful.
Continue to clean? [no]: y
unexpected error: {'desc': 'Operations error'}

[04/Jul/2012:06:28:16 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin - cleanAllRUV_task: failed
to connect to repl        agreement connection
tree,cn=config), error 105
[04/Jul/2012:06:28:16 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin - cleanAllRUV_task: replica
tree,   cn=config) has not been cleaned.  You will need to rerun the
CLEANALLRUV task on this replica.
[04/Jul/2012:06:28:16 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin - cleanAllRUV_task: Task
failed (1)

In this case I think we should inform user that the command failed, possibly
because of disconnected replicas and that they could enable the replicas and
try again.

7) (minor) "pass" is now redundant in
+        except ldap.INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS:
+            # We can't make the server we're removing read-only but
+            # this isn't a show-stopper
+            root_logger.debug("No permission to switch replica to read-only,
continuing anyway")
+            pass

I think this addresses everything.

>From a092bc35cebae12591600451ede25511818e8a85 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Rob Crittenden <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 14:51:45 -0400
Subject: [PATCH] Run the CLEANALLRUV task when deleting a replication
 install/tools/ipa-replica-manage       |  105 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1 |   17 +++++-
 ipaserver/install/       |   29 +++++++++
 3 files changed, 148 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/install/tools/ipa-replica-manage b/install/tools/ipa-replica-manage
index e2378173821457ed05dae2722223d148266ef822..cb33736825422eec2a0d9817316fe649010c7021 100755
--- a/install/tools/ipa-replica-manage
+++ b/install/tools/ipa-replica-manage
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ import os
 import ldap, re, krbV
 import traceback
+from urllib2 import urlparse
 from ipapython import ipautil
 from ipaserver.install import replication, dsinstance, installutils
@@ -37,6 +38,7 @@ CACERT = "/etc/ipa/ca.crt"
 # dict of command name and tuples of min/max num of args needed
 commands = {
     "list":(0, 1, "[master fqdn]", ""),
+    "list-ruv":(0, 0, "", ""),
     "connect":(1, 2, "<master fqdn> [other master fqdn]",
                     "must provide the name of the servers to connect"),
     "disconnect":(1, 2, "<master fqdn> [other master fqdn]",
@@ -44,7 +46,8 @@ commands = {
     "del":(1, 1, "<master fqdn>",
                     "must provide hostname of master to delete"),
     "re-initialize":(0, 0, "", ""),
-    "force-sync":(0, 0, "", "")
+    "force-sync":(0, 0, "", ""),
+    "clean-ruv":(1, 1, "<replica ID>", "must provide Replica ID to clean"),
 def parse_options():
@@ -229,6 +232,7 @@ def del_link(realm, replica1, replica2, dirman_passwd, force=False):
     if repl2 and type1 == replication.IPA_REPLICA:
         failed = False
+            repl2.make_readonly()
         except ldap.LDAPError, e:
@@ -249,9 +253,24 @@ def del_link(realm, replica1, replica2, dirman_passwd, force=False):
     if not repl2 and force:
         print "Forcing removal on '%s'" % replica1
+    replica_id = None
+    if repl2:
+        replica_id = repl2._get_replica_id(repl2.conn, None)
+    else:
+        servers = get_ruv(realm, replica1, dirman_passwd)
+        for (netloc, rid) in servers:
+            if netloc.startswith(replica2):
+                replica_id = rid
+                break
+    if replica_id:
+        repl1.cleanallruv(replica_id)
+    else:
+        print "The RUV data for %s will need to be manually cleaned using the clean-ruv command" % replica2
     if type1 == replication.WINSYNC:
             dn = 'cn=%s,cn=replicas,cn=ipa,cn=etc,%s' % (replica2,
@@ -268,6 +287,84 @@ def del_link(realm, replica1, replica2, dirman_passwd, force=False):
     print "Deleted replication agreement from '%s' to '%s'" % (replica1, replica2)
+def get_ruv(realm, host, dirman_passwd):
+    """
+    Return the RUV entries as a list of tuples: (hostname, rid)
+    """
+    try:
+        thisrepl = replication.ReplicationManager(realm, host, dirman_passwd)
+    except Exception, e:
+        print "Failed to connect to server %s: %s" % (host, str(e))
+        sys.exit(1)
+    search_filter = '(&(nsuniqueid=ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff)(objectclass=nstombstone))'
+    try:
+        entries = thisrepl.conn.search_s(api.env.basedn, ldap.SCOPE_ONELEVEL,
+            search_filter, ['nsds50ruv'])
+    except ldap.NO_SUCH_OBJECT:
+        print "No RUV records found."
+        sys.exit(0)
+    servers = []
+    for ruv in entries[0].getValues('nsds50ruv'):
+        if ruv.startswith('{replicageneration'):
+            continue
+        data = re.match('\{replica (\d+) (ldap://.*:\d+)\}\s+\w+\s+\w*', ruv)
+        if not data:
+            # Perhaps no vector data, try again
+            data = re.match('\{replica (\d+) (ldap://.*:\d+)\}', ruv)
+        if data:
+            rid =
+            (scheme, netloc, path, params, query, fragment) = urlparse.urlparse(
+            servers.append((netloc, rid))
+        else:
+            print "unable to decode: %s" % ruv
+    return servers
+def list_ruv(realm, host, dirman_passwd, verbose):
+    """
+    List the Replica Update Vectors on this host to get the available
+    replica IDs.
+    """
+    servers = get_ruv(realm, host, dirman_passwd)
+    for (netloc, rid) in servers:
+        print "%s: %s" % (netloc, rid)
+def clean_ruv(realm, ruv, options):
+    """
+    Given an RID create a CLEANALLRUV task to clean it up.
+    """
+    try:
+        ruv = int(ruv)
+    except ValueError:
+        sys.exit("Replica ID must be an integer: %s" % ruv)
+    servers = get_ruv(realm,, options.dirman_passwd)
+    found = False
+    for (netloc, rid) in servers:
+        if ruv == int(rid):
+           found = True
+           hostname = netloc
+           break
+    if not found:
+        sys.exit("Replica ID %s not found" % ruv)
+    print "Clean the Replication Update Vector for %s" % hostname
+    print
+    print "Cleaning the wrong replica ID will cause that server to no"
+    print "longer replicate so it may miss updates while the process"
+    print "is running. It would need to be re-initialized to maintain"
+    print "consistency. Be very careful."
+    if not options.force:
+        if not ipautil.user_input("Continue to clean?", False):
+            sys.exit("Aborted")
+    thisrepl = replication.ReplicationManager(realm,,
+                                              options.dirman_passwd)
+    thisrepl.cleanallruv(ruv)
+    print "Cleanup task created"
 def del_master(realm, hostname, options):
     force_del = False
@@ -503,6 +600,8 @@ def main():
         if len(args) == 2:
             replica = args[1]
         list_replicas(realm, host, replica, dirman_passwd, options.verbose)
+    elif args[0] == "list-ruv":
+        list_ruv(realm, host, dirman_passwd, options.verbose)
     elif args[0] == "del":
         del_master(realm, args[1], options)
     elif args[0] == "re-initialize":
@@ -531,10 +630,12 @@ def main():
             replica1 = host
             replica2 = args[1]
         del_link(realm, replica1, replica2, dirman_passwd)
+    elif args[0] == "clean-ruv":
+        clean_ruv(realm, args[1], options)
-except KeyboardInterrupt:
+except (KeyboardInterrupt, EOFError):
 except SystemExit, e:
diff --git a/install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1 b/install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1
index 98103ffdd416f11c44e147e6b4eb84c682da39e0..f6d7ff0bc6ff260878f0287c7a7107b72e396890 100644
--- a/install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1
+++ b/install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1
@@ -42,11 +42,21 @@ Manages the replication agreements of an IPA server.
 \- Immediately flush any data to be replicated from a server specified with the \-\-from option
+\- List the replication IDs on this server.
+\fBclean\-ruv\fR [REPLICATION_ID]
+\- Run the CLEANALLRUV task to remove a replication ID.
 The connect and disconnect options are used to manage the replication topology. When a replica is created it is only connected with the master that created it. The connect option may be used to connect it to other existing replicas.
 The disconnect option cannot be used to remove the last link of a replica. To remove a replica from the topology use the del option.
 If a replica is deleted and then re\-added within a short time\-frame then the 389\-ds instance on the master that created it should be restarted before re\-installing the replica. The master will have the old service principals cached which will cause replication to fail.
+Each IPA master server has a unique replication ID. This ID is used by 389\-ds when storing information about replication status. When a master is removed, all other masters need to remove its replication ID from the list of masters. Normally this occurs automatically when a master is deleted with ipa\-replica\-manage. If one or more masters was down or unreachable when ipa\-replica\-manage was executed then this replica ID may still exist. The clean\-ruv command may be used to clean up an unused replication ID.
+\fBNOTE\fR: This command is \fBVERY DANGEROUS\fR. Execution against the wrong replication ID can result in inconsistent data on that master. The master should be re\-initialized from another if this happens.
 \fB\-H\fR \fIHOST\fR, \fB\-\-host\fR=\fIHOST\fR
@@ -61,7 +71,7 @@ The Directory Manager password to use for authentication
 Provide additional information
 \fB\-f\fR, \fB\-\-force\fR
-Ignore some types of errors, don't prompt when deleting a master
+Ignore some types of errors, don't prompt when deleting a master or cleaning RUV
 Bind DN to use with remote server (default is cn=Directory Manager) \- Be careful to quote this value on the command line
@@ -112,6 +122,11 @@ Completely remove a replica:
  # ipa\-replica\-manage del
 Using connect/disconnect you can manage the replication topology.
+List the replication IDs in use:
+ # ipa\-replica\-manage list\-ruv
+ 7
+ 4
 Creating a Windows AD Synchronization agreement is similar to creating an IPA replication agreement, there are just a couple of extra steps.
diff --git a/ipaserver/install/ b/ipaserver/install/
index 417b7a0c5ee29615d2479842efc6862e39a7c3df..98db376a97c1c10bb2da33811a3259129342864f 100644
--- a/ipaserver/install/
+++ b/ipaserver/install/
@@ -1072,3 +1072,32 @@ class ReplicationManager(object):
         if err:
             raise err   #pylint: disable=E0702
+    def make_readonly(self):
+        """
+        Make the current replication agreement read-only.
+        """
+        dn = 'cn=userRoot,cn=ldbm database,cn=plugins,cn=config'
+        mod = [(ldap.MOD_REPLACE, 'nsslapd-readonly', 'on')]
+        try:
+            self.conn.modify_s(dn, mod)
+        except ldap.INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS:
+            # We can't make the server we're removing read-only but
+            # this isn't a show-stopper
+            root_logger.debug("No permission to switch replica to read-only, continuing anyway")
+    def cleanallruv(self, replicaId):
+        """
+        Create a CLEANALLRUV task and monitor it until it has
+        completed.
+        """
+        root_logger.debug("Creating CLEANALLRUV task for replica id %d" % replicaId)
+        dn = self.replica_dn()
+        mod = [(ldap.MOD_REPLACE, 'nsds5task', 'CLEANALLRUV%d' % replicaId)]
+        try:
+            self.conn.modify_s(dn, mod)
+            print "Background task created to clean replication data"
+        except ldap.OPERATIONS_ERROR:
+            sys.exit("Failed to create task to clean replication data.")
+        # FIXME: monitor.

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