On 07/20/2012 05:39 PM, John Dennis wrote:
Great I agree with everything you said.

I'm happy to have the file list be derived from the directory contents.
Are you planning on doing that in another patch?

Yes, I want to do it in a new patch.
It's a bit more complicated than it looks: creating a new translation will work differently than just adding it to LINGUAS and running create-po. The ticket is for beta 2 so I'd rather not start a new round of reviews.

FWIW the LINGUAS file was a holdover from when we first set this up
based exclusively on GNU gettext suggested examples. As things have
evolved it no longer makes sense. Also the contributing translators file
is now out of date and was from an earlier era when translators emailed
.po files to us, so it was easy to maintain. Now that everything is TX
based we should probably nuke that file or figure out someway to extract
the contributors from either TX or the po files. I'm not sure we're even
giving credit to the translators anymore, but we should.

Noted; when the discussion's done I'll file a ticket.

But... I do have one final issue/question. I missed this in the first
review. po_files is now dependent on update-pot instead of the pot file.
We had decided that we were only going to regenerate the pot file on
demand at specific times. Won't this dependency change cause the pot
file to be updated frequently? (I realize only in the local tree). Note
that when we run the validations we generate a temporary pot file from
the current contents of the tree specifically to avoid overwriting the
pot file.

Are the po files updated more often? I don't really see a reason to merge the po files with an old pot.

I suppose having a conversation about when the pot file gets updated is
a good one to have, we don't do it often enough IMHO. But I'm not sure
it's correct to modify a file under SCM control if it wasn't intentional.

How is Transifex set up here? If it automatically picks up changes when the pot file is modified, then we should back up the translations before changing the pot, so we can't do it automatically. Another wart is the line number cruft in the pot file -- any time it's updated we'll get a huge diff, so it makes sense to update sparingly.

If Transifex is not wired to the pot, we could even go as far as removing it from SCM entirely -- it's entirely generated, and rebuilding it takes less than a second.
We'd just have to update Transifex manually.

Oh, one thing I'll ask about: the Makefile is not automatically rebuilt when I change Makefile.in, so every time I run an autogen invocation I found in the main Makefile. Is there an easier way to do this?


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