On 07/25/2012 05:03 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
The configuration options for the default user and map order were a bit
broken in several ways.

I wasn't handling the case where one of the values was coming from LDAP
so was a list vs as an option which was a string, so all sorts of bad
interesting things were happening.

There is also the setattr problem. We would normally handle that in a
validator so it is not a problem but in this case we may need to compare
two options passed in and we can't do that in a validator. So
potentially changes may come in as a option, in entry_attrs or from config.

I added a few tests to help keep this robust.

When testing this remember that the user map order list needs to be
quoted otherwise the shell is going to interpret the $.


ACK, with nitpicks :)

I think using `copy.deepcopy(options)` instead of simply `dict(options)` is unnecessary; do you have a special reason for it?

And note the style guide discourages line continuation backslashes:
+        if 'ipaselinuxusermapdefault' in validate or \
+          'ipaselinuxusermaporder' in validate:

in favor of parentheses:
+        if ('ipaselinuxusermapdefault' in validate or
+          'ipaselinuxusermaporder' in validate):


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