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2012/8/17 Rob Crittenden <rcrit...@redhat.com <mailto:rcrit...@redhat.com>>

     The FreeIPA team is proud to announce version FreeIPA v3.0.0 beta 2.

Hi Rob,

Regarding translations, I don't see yet a 3.0 branch on Transifex. Is it
in the pipeline, so we could have time to work on translations for 3.0 GA?

The master branch in Transifex equivalent to the master branch in IPA,
and has been updated recently.

We plan to branch for 3.0 in the IPA repo, I suppose we can look into
branching in Transifex at the same time, but for now it should be safe
to work from master. I don't believe Transifex really handles branches
very well, but John knows more about it than I.

Transifex has no concept of branches much to many developers dismay. The suggested solution in Transifex to create a new resource for each branch (which is what we did with 2.2). Currently in TX we have an ipa resource which maps to git's master and a 2.2 resource which maps to git's 2.2 branch..

It's kind of sucky because there is no connection in TX between resources and hence branches, each resource stands on it's own. That means even though 90% of the strings in one resource are the same as another resource (because they're just different branch versions) translators won't have the advantage of that information (unless they know).

I brought the question of software branches up in the TX forums and was met with deafening silence.

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