Back in Aug 2010, someone posted a message to the freeipa-users mail list 
asking about tacacs+ / freeipa integration.  It was mentioned in the thread 
that this integration was not on the timeline for freeipa.  

I was wondering the following:

1. Is there any plans on RedHat's part to integrate tacacs+ with freeipa?
2. Does anyone know if someone has done any development towards this (RedHat or 
3. If I was interested in attempting this integration using the tac_plus 
(www.shrubbery.net/tac_plus/) daemon, where is the best place to find find 
information regarding:
 a) designing the ldap schema (and get OID's?)?
 b) what would be the best way to authenticate users (ldap calls, sssd?)
 c) anything else I have not considered
4. Which version should I use for integration?
5. Where is the best place to track down documentation for extending IPA (I 
don't have much luck using freeipa.org)

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