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> Hi,
> there was an issue reported yesterday on #freeipa
> (https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3011). It is easy to
> reproduce
> 'kdb5_util dump' just core dumps. The attached patch adds a parameter
> check to the call where the core dump occured and fixes the reason
> why
> the parameter was invalid.
> Please note that 'kdb5_util dump' will return 'kdb5_util: error
> performing Kerberos version 5 release 1.8 dump (Plugin does not
> support
> the operation)' with the patch applied, because
> ipadb_iterate_pwd_policy() is not implemented.

Can you open a ticket on this ? We used the dump utility in the past to perform 
bulk master key changes in the past and we do want to have the option open bot 
for backup purposes and other reasons.


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