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Hi guys,

I am now investigating ticket #2866:

And I am thinking about possible solutions for this problem. In a
nutshell, we do not properly check referential integrity in some IPA
objects where we keep one-way DN references to other objects, e.g. in
- managedBy attribute for a host object
- memberhost attribute for HBAC rule object
- memberuser attribute for user object
- memberallowcmd or memberdenycmd for SUDO command object (reported in

Currently, I see 2 approaches to solve this:
1) Add relevant checks to our ipalib plugins where problematic
operations with these operations are being executed (like we do for
selinuxusermap's seealso attribute in HBAC plugin)
This of course would not prevent direct LDAP deletes.

2) Implement a preop DS plugin that would hook to MODRDN and DELETE
callbacks and check that this object's DN is not referenced in other
objects. And if it does, it would reject such modification. Second
option would be to delete the attribute value with now invalid
reference. This would be probably  more suitable for example for
references to user objects.

Any comments to these possible approaches are welcome.

Rich, do you think that as an alternative to these 2 approaches,
memberOf plugin could be eventually modified to do this task?
This is very similar to the referential integrity plugin already in 389,
instead of cleaning up references to moved and deleted entries, you want
it to
prevent moving or deleting an entry if that entry is referenced by the
managedby/memberhost/memberuser/memberallowcmd/memberdenycmd of some other
I think that using or enhancing current DS referential integrity plugin
will be
the best and the most consistent way to go.

We already use that plugin for some user attributes like "manager" or
"secretary". seeAlso is already covered by default, so for example seeAlso
attribute in SELinux usermap object referencing an HBAC rule will get removed
when relevant HBAC rule is removed (I just checked that).

Note that the managed entry plugin (mep) already handles this for the
I assume you are referencing "mepmanagedby" and "mepmanagedentry" attributes
which then produce errors like this one:

# ipa netgroup-del foo
ipa: ERROR: Server is unwilling to perform: Deleting a managed entry is not
allowed. It needs to be manually unlinked first.

managedBy attribute used by hosts objects I had in mind seems to not be

But you are right, this is pretty much what I wanted. Though in case of MEP,
there is a link in both referenced objects, but in our case, we have just the
one-way link.

Are you already using the memberof plugin for

This doesn't seem like a job for memberof, this seems like more of a new
for the referential integrity plugin.

I am now considering if current move/delete clean up already present in
Referential Integrity plugin would not be sufficient for us.

Rich, please correct me if I am wrong, but in that case, we would just need to
add relevant attribute names
(memberhost/memberuser/memberallowcmd/memberdenycmd...) to Referential
Integrity plugin configuration as nsslapd-pluginarg7, nsslapd-pluginarg8, ...
I wonder if there would be some performance issues if we add attributes to the
list this way.
No, not if they are indexed for presence and equality.

But referential integrity will not prevent deletion or moving entries -
it will delete/move references.
I understand that. After some reconsideration, I think that cleaning up
dangling references as postop should be OK for most of the referential
attributes we use. But I would like a second opinion on that.

So do I understand it correctly, that in case we want to go this way in
IPA, the recommended approach DS-wise would be to:
- add presence and equality indexes to IPA for the attributes we want to
have checked for referential integrity
- configure DS Referential Integrity plugin to check these attributes

Or would it be better to wait on relevant DS changes you mentioned that
Noriko is working on?
Also look at the Linked Attribute plugin - it may be able to do what you want
right now - http://port389.org/wiki/Linked_Attributes_Design
Yes, but this plugin is only relevant for bi-directional links and not for
uni-directional links we have in IPA
(memberhost/memberuser/memberallowcmd/memberdenycmd...), isn't it? I.e. there
is nothing to be filled for "managedType" attribute of the config.

Maybe if the link plugin is enhanced for the uni-directional links too it would
help us. It would help if I would be able to specify a links like that:

dn: cn=memberhost Link, cn=Linked Attribute Plugin, cn=config
objectclass: extensibleObject
linkType: memberhost
linkScope: cn=sudorules,cn=sudo,$SUFFIX

Without having to specify a managed link. The plugin would then just hda pretty
much do what we discussed before - keep referential integrity of the
uni-directional plugin.

Ok. Please file an RFE with 389 and indicate the time frame and IPA release this is targeted for.



Rob, do you think that cleaning up the broken references during a DS postop
instead of raising an preop error is OK for IPA references? I went through the
referential attributes we use ("git grep LDAPAddMember") and I think it should
be sufficient. We could cover some special cases with a query in our framework
like you did in hbacrule-del.


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