Martin Kosek wrote:
This is very hard to reproduce, regression testing should be enough. I managed
to reproduce the bug by installing 2 replicas in a time to a master which was
busy with adding users.

This patch improved a situation a bit for me in such cases.

Under certain circumstances, replica installation may fail in
"enable GSSAPI for replication" step when it cannot sync LDAP service
principals. There is often not much we can do as Directory Server
may be in an unrecoverable state but we should at least wait longer
before we give up.

A function checking replication status was also fixed to give more
accurate results by properly comparing start/end time of the
replication process and returning an error message to calling
function. This error message is then returned to user if do not
manage to get the LDAP service principals to give him a pointer
to the actual issue.

ACK, pushed to master and ipa-3-0


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