Martin Kosek wrote:
To test, add sudo commands, hosts or users to a sudo rule or hbac rule and then
rename or delete the linked object. After the update, the links should be 


Many attributes in IPA (e.g. manager, memberuser, managedby, ...)
are used to store DNs of linked objects in IPA (users, hosts, sudo
commands, etc.). However, when the linked objects is deleted or
renamed, the attribute pointing to it stays with the objects and
thus may create a dangling link causing issues in client software
reading the data.

Directory Server has a plugin to enforce referential integrity (RI)
by checking DEL and MODRDN operations and updating affected links.
It was already used for manager and secretary attributes and
should be expanded for the missing attributes to avoid dangling

As a prerequisite, all attributes checked for RI must have pres
and eq indexes to avoid performance issues. The following indexes
have been added:
   * manager (pres index only)
   * secretary (pres index only)
   * memberHost
   * memberUser
   * sourcehost
   * memberservice
   * managedby
   * memberallowcmd
   * memberdenycmd
   * ipasudorunas
   * ipasudorunasgroup

Referential Integrity plugin was updated to check all these

Note: this update will only fix RI on one master as RI plugin does
not check replicated operations.

These patches look good but I'd like to see some tests associated with the referential integrity changes in patch 308. I'm not sure we need a test for every single combination where RI comes into play but at least testing that the original sequence (sudorule/sudocmd) works as expected.


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