On 09/10/2012 08:34 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
> Martin Kosek wrote:
>> On Thu, 2012-09-06 at 17:22 -0400, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>>> Martin Kosek wrote:
>>>> On 08/31/2012 07:40 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>>>>> Rob Crittenden wrote:
>>>>>> It was possible use ipa-replica-manage connect/disconnect/del to end up
>>>>>> orphaning or or more IPA masters. This is an attempt to catch and
>>>>>> prevent that case.
>>>>>> I tested with this topology, trying to delete B.
>>>>>> A <-> B <-> C
>>>>>> I got here by creating B and C from A, connecting B to C then deleting
>>>>>> the link from A to B, so it went from A -> B and A -> C to the above.
>>>>>> What I do is look up the servers that the delete candidate host has
>>>>>> connections to and see if we're the last link.
>>>>>> I added an escape clause if there are only two masters.
>>>>>> rob
>>>>> Oh, this relies on my cleanruv patch 1031.
>>>>> rob
>>>> 1) When I run ipa-replica-manage del --force to an already uninstalled 
>>>> host,
>>>> the new code will prevent me the deletation because it cannot connect to
>>>> it. It
>>>> also crashes with UnboundLocalError:
>>>> # ipa-replica-manage del vm-055.idm.lab.bos.redhat.com --force
>>>> Unable to connect to replica vm-055.idm.lab.bos.redhat.com, forcing removal
>>>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>>>     File "/sbin/ipa-replica-manage", line 708, in <module>
>>>>       main()
>>>>     File "/sbin/ipa-replica-manage", line 677, in main
>>>>       del_master(realm, args[1], options)
>>>>     File "/sbin/ipa-replica-manage", line 476, in del_master
>>>>       sys.exit("Failed read master data from '%s': %s" % (delrepl.hostname,
>>>> str(e)))
>>>> UnboundLocalError: local variable 'delrepl' referenced before assignment
>>> Fixed.
>>>> I also hit this error when removing a winsync replica.
>>> Fixed.
>>>> 2) As I wrote before, I think having --force option override the user
>>>> inquiries
>>>> would benefit test automation:
>>>> +            if not ipautil.user_input("Continue to delete?", False):
>>>> +                sys.exit("Aborted")
>>> Fixed.
>>>> 3) I don't think this code won't cover this topology:
>>>> A - B - C - D - E
>>>> It would allow you deleting a replica C even though it would separate A-B 
>>>> and
>>>> D-E. Though we may not want to cover this situation now, what you got is
>>>> definitely helping.
>>> I think you may be right. I only tested with 4 servers. With this B and
>>> D would both still have 2 agreements so wouldn't be covered by the last
>>> link test.
>> Everything looks good now, so ACK. We just need to push it along with
>> Martin
> Not to look a gift ACK In the mouth but here is a revised patch. I've added a
> cleanup routine to remove an orphaned master properly. If you had tried the
> mechanism I outlined in the man page it would have worked but was
> less-than-complete. This way is better, just don't try it on a live master.
> I also added a cleanruv abort command, in case you want to kill an existing 
> task.
> rob

1) CLEANRUV stuff should be in your patch 1031 and not here (but I will comment
on the code in this mail since it is in this patch)

2) In new command defitinion:

+    "abort-clean-ruv":(1, 1, "Replica ID of to abort cleaning", ""),

I miss error message in case REPLICA_ID is not passed, this way error message
when I omit the parameter is confusing:

# ipa-replica-manage abort-clean-ruv
Usage: ipa-replica-manage [options]

ipa-replica-manage: error: must provide a command [force-sync | clean-ruv |
disconnect | connect | list-ruv | del | re-initialize | list | abort-clean-ruv]

On another note, I am thinking about the new command(s). Since we now have
abort-clean-ruv command, we may want to also implement list-clean-ruv commands
in the future to see all CLEANALLRUV commands in process... Or we may enhance
list-ruv to write a flag like [CLEANALLRUV in process] for RUV's for which
CLEANALLRUV task is in process.

3) Will clean-ruv - abort-clean-ruv - clean-ruv sequence work? If the aborted
CLEANALLRUV task stays in DIT, we may not be able to enter new CLEANALLRUV task
because we always use the same DN...

Btw. did abort CLEANALLRUV command worked for you? Mine seemed to be stuck on
replicas that are down just like CLEANALLRUV command. I had then paralelly
running CLEANALLRUV and ABORT CLEANALLRUV running for the same RUV ID. Then, it
is unclear to me what this command is actually good for.

4) Man page now contains non-existent command:

--- a/install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1
+++ b/install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1
@@ -42,12 +42,18 @@ Manages the replication agreements of an IPA server.
 \- Immediately flush any data to be replicated from a server specified with
the \-\-from option
+\- Remove leftover references to a deleted master.

The cleanup procedure was implemented rather as an option to the del command
than a separate command.

5) My favorite - new cleanup procedure user prompt miss the --force option
useful for test automation

+            if not ipautil.user_input("Continue to clean master?", False):
+                sys.exit("Cleanup aborted")

Otherwise the patch looks good.


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