Martin Kosek wrote:
PAC type (ipakrbauthzdata attribute) was being filled for all new
service automatically. However, the PAC type attribute was designed
to serve only as an override to default PAC type configured in
IPA config. With PAC type set in all services, users would have
to update all services to get new PAC types configured in IPA config.

Do not set PAC type for new services. Add new NONE value meaning that
we do not want any PAC for the service (empty/missing attribute means
that the default PAC type list from IPA config is read).


Note: the new NONE value of service PAC type was planned in a scope of ticket

ACK, but before you push can you add the jist of this commit message to the help for PAC type in the service command help so users will understand the difference between NONE and blank?


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