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the attached patches add the directory the SSSD writes domain-realm
mappings as includedir to krb5.conf when installing the client.

[PATCH 1/3] ipachangeconf: allow specifying non-default delimeter for
ipachangeconf only allows one delimeter between keys and values. This
patch adds the possibility of also specifying "delim" in the option
dictionary to override the default delimeter.

On a slightly-unrelated note, we really should think about adopting
Augeas. Changing configuration with home-grown scripts is getting

[PATCH 2/3] Specify includedir in krb5.conf on new installs
This patch utilizes the new functionality from the previous patch to
the includedir on top of the krb5.conf file

[PATCH 3/3] Add the includedir to krb5.conf on upgrades
This patch is completely untested and I'm only posting it to get
opinions. At first I was going to use an upgrade script in %post but
then I thought it would be overengineering when all we want to do is
prepend one line.. Would a simple munging like this be acceptable or
shall I write a full script?

NACK, using a scriptlet is fine, but not the way you did, as it has a huge race 
condition where krb5.conf exists and has only one line in it (the include line).

You should first create the new file: echo "include ..." > /etc/krb.conf.ipanew
Then cat the contents of the existing file in i:t cat /etc/krb.conf >> 
And finally atomically rename it: mv /etc/krb.conf.ipanew /etc/krb.conf

This method is also safe wrt something killing the yum process ...


I'm attaching a new revision of the patches not even two months after
the original nack.

I also think it might be nice to have a more general way of upgrading
the client config so I filed

I don't think grepping for a string is an effective way to determine if the client has been configured. Someone could have removed that line.

I'd prefer using /var/lib/ipa-client/sysrestore/sysrestore.index. If it exists and has more than 2 lines in it ([files] + one other file) then it is safe to say the client is configured, or at least partially configured.


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