I'll try this a bit before spamming the list again. Just one note: you need to `yum install git-email` to get the send-email subcommand.

On 10/23/2012 03:53 PM, John Dennis wrote:
On 10/23/2012 09:00 AM, Simo Sorce wrote:
I strongly suggest you use git-send-email instead of thunderbird, it
makes everything a lot faster, see the instructions I sent in my
followup email.

I wrote a python script to manage my patch submissions a while ago which
might be useful to folks, it's attached.

The basic idea is you keep a directory of your patch submissions. Inside
the directory is also a file that has then next number to use for your
submission. By default it runs git format-patch selecting the last
commit. It creates a patch file using the patch submission format
defined for IPA. If you use the -s option it also sends it to the list.
It doesn't use git-send-email, rather it builds an email with a mime
attachment according to our IPA recommendations. I don't recall why I
didn't use git-send-email, but there was some reason (probably because I
couldn't get it follow the IPA conventions, not sure though).

If you have to rework a patch use the -n option to specify which patch
you're modifying. The script automatically searches the patch directory
and finds the next revision number for the patch.

The config dict at the top will have to be modified to match your
username, smtp server, etc. look for anything in UPPERCASE and replace
with your specifics.

I like to use it because I don't have to remember my patch numbers and
the result will always follow the IPA conventions without any fumbling

Petr3 will probably complain about using getopt and a config dict
instead of optparse but it works and it wasn't worth it to me to port it
to a different mechanism. Anybody which wants to is more than welcome.

No worries, by Bash scripts for this use hardcoded values and `shift`.


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