Jan Cholasta wrote:

On 26.10.2012 19:37, Rob Crittenden wrote:
We enable SECURE_NFS in ipa-client-automount. Originally I used the
string YES which worked fine on Fedora systems with systemd. sysV init
systems look for a lower-case yes, so switch to that instead.

I double-checked on F-17 and F-18 that the systemd versions accept the
lower-case option as well.

The option is not used on systemd systems at all, so it doesn't really
matter what you set it to.

It is still in the FreeIPA F-17 docs to set this. I'll open a doc ticket.

Also, this setting (and others in /etc/sysconfig) is specific to Red Hat
systems, so it probably should be moved to ipapython.platform.

It is specific to system V init systems I guess. Since this causes no harm now, an RFE for the future acceptable?


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