On Fri, 02 Nov 2012, Dmitri Pal wrote:
How one should integrate optional components with the Web UI?

Yeah this is a gray area to me to. I would love to see a clear doc on
this too.
Petr, is this doable?

We have this guide, which has a UI component:


I did not realize that it covers the UI. Last time I read it I do not
remember see a UI section. So is it up to date and sufficient?
We do have hooks for extensions in Web UI already so it is possible to
add external modules, albeight it is being directed to support sysadmins
with local tuning rather than full blown modes. That local tuning gives
you chance to load additionally any JS modules on the server.

As we found recently with AD trusts, there is also an issue of
refreshing running server configuration once a new feature is added --
since WSGI process does load IPA plugins only at startup. This is sort
of maintenance machinery that needs to be done for all additional IPA

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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