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The Dogtag team is proud to announce version Dogtag v10.0.0 Release
Candidate 1.

A build is available for Fedora 18 in the updates-testing repo.  Please
try it out and provide karma to move it to the F18 stable repo.

Daily developer builds for Fedora 17 and 18 are available at

== Build Versions ==

== Highlights since Dogtag v. 10.0.0 beta 2 (Oct 30 2012) ==

* Simplified and enhanced pkispawn.
** Added detailed man pages to document use of pkispawn, pkidestroy  
   and the command line utility pki.  
** Removed --dry-run option and unused respawn() code.
** Replaced links of scriptlets with lists
** Modified the way pkispawn parses configuration files.  pkispawn now 
   reads a template file for default settings, and a much smaller and 
   simpler user-defined configuration file for customizations and   
   overrides.  Moreover, pkispawn uses interpolation to substitute in 
   values.  See the man pages for details.
** Added the ability to import an admin cert into the administrative 
   user created for each subsystem.  This allows multiple subsystems 
   within the same instance to be more easily managed within the same 
** Implemented ability to install a subordinate CA using pkispawn.
** Implemented ability to install an externally signed CA using 

* Simplified the structure of the UI packages
** All images and css files have been moved to dogtag-pki-server-theme 
   for all subsystems.  
** Removed unused and duplicated files.
** Template files have been moved to the underlying subsystem files.  
   In future, all theme related messages in those files will be 
   parameterized and placed in dogtag-pki-server-theme.  This will 
   significantly simplify the process of customizing or 
   internationalizing an instance and its theme.
** Retired all the subsystem specific UI packages, reducing the number 
   of UI packages from 7 to 1.

* Security fixes for CVE-2012-4543 Certificate System: Multiple 
  cross-site scripting flaws by displaying CRL or processing.

* Memory fixes for the TPS 

* Updated to latest version of cmake, removing obsolete modules.

== Notes for F17 ==
* Only developer builds are available for F17.
* F17 tomcat used to have a bug in the way it handles pid files.
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=863307.  Make sure that you
have at least tomcat-7.0.32-1.fc17.
== Feedback ==

Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the pki-devel 
mailing list: http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/pki-devel

== Detailed Changelog ==
akoneru (2):
0667896 Fix for improper crl retrieval from CA.
f400f3b Invalid ACL resources Fix in KRA for certServer.kra.keys

alee (25):
6e77f33 Updated pki-core spec file to 10.0.0-2
a505c8c fix typo in spec file
f73a662 Update to rc1 build
1e46576 Added more detail to man page for pki(1)
cbfdae8 Remove server code from CertSearchRequest
cd279e3 Modified section on sample.cfg
a3f7d58 Interpolation correction patch based on review comments
065d883 Use interpolation to build default parameters
35dc100 Change the structure of the client directory.
03a6350 Common User: pkispawn changes
6be1194 Common admin user: config servlet changes
871b442 Misc changes to get rhel 7 build to work
40e58f9 Link to resteasy-base on rhel systems when running pkispawn
96af71d Removed obsolete cmake modules, updated spec files
9862a04 Updating cmake variables
440a9e7 removed obsolete cmake modules
1de7c91 Change cmake projects from Java to NONE
2efc66e spec file changes
999a0f1 Added missing Provides
eb74b11 update to b3
64eaca2 Fix issue with pki_external being referenced for non-CA
318716f removed dry_run from pkispawn
019a933 Remove unused respawn code.
a80e994 Convert admin cert from a to b before importing to certdb
db9537d Set paths for default instance

883e0ec number verification

edewata (52):
9996d71 Parameterizing RESTEasy paths.
81bb209 Archiving default deployment configuration.
66c519f I18n for ProfileList.template.
a4c95c3 Removed RA and TPS theme packages.
3dfee91 Reorganized TPS CSS files.
d8f56d8 Reorganized TPS templates and scripts.
538dee3 Reorganized RA templates and scripts.
083e130 Fixed permission problem in TKS.
6344d6e Replaced links of scriptlets with lists.
471a493 Simplified the configuration file using defaults.
5e93dc2 Reorganized sensitive parameters.
cef7a77 Fixed issuedOn parameters for cert-find.
ba1e743 Fixed default security domain user.
68751fb Refactored pkiparser.py into PKIConfigParser.
9bb7143 Removed CA, KRA, OCSP, TKS theme packages.
46fda5d Reorganized CA, KRA, OCSP, TKS templates.
edf9c22 Reorganized common templates.
c8336ea Renamed pki-common-theme to pki-server-theme.
105ffbd Reorganized ESC images.
545b796 Removed unused files in tps-ui.
f3e20fc Removed unused files in ra-ui.
6197b95 Removed unused files in tks-ui.
b45fc00 Removed unused files in ocsp-ui.
d248593 Removed unused files in kra-ui.
42f48ab Removed unused files in ca-ui.
41e061f Removed unused files in common-ui.
fb80a25 Updated tools to deploy combined images and CSS files.
4109bc3 Combined theme images and CSS files into common-ui.
515e882 Fixed pkisilent build problem.
cb209df Added ACLInterceptor.
87556b7 Update pki-base.css paths.
386d703 Updated rootca.gif and sub.gif paths.
6a1302a Updated icon-software.gif paths.
1ca3b21 Updated icon_crit_update.gif paths.
d7306c4 Updated clearpixel.gif paths.
599a3e7 Updated certificate.png and no-certificate.png paths.
5a14647 Updated bigrotation2.gif paths.
d5802a7 Updated lgRightTab2.gif paths.
33746d8 Updated dgRightTab2.gif paths.
918764d Updated lgRightTab.gif paths.
6e836a6 Updated lgLeftTab.gif paths.
792becd Updated goto-tall.gif paths.
3b4a7e4 Updated dgRightTab.gif paths.
122b650 Updated dgLeftTab.gif paths.
45aff6c Updated spacer.gif paths.
137d8f9 Updated hr.gif paths.
810ecfe Updated gray90.gif paths.
f077cf4 Updated logo_header.gif paths.
a959d7d Updated favicon.ico paths.
70a0dd8 Merged theme files.
d9a9e23 Fixed problem finding SHA-256 message digest.
8eb2ccf Fixed PrettyPrintCert and PrettyPrintCrl.

6180bb1 Latest TPS memory related fixes.

mharmsen (9):
70938da More edits to man pages including spell checking via 'aspell'.
34851bb Revised 'pki_default.cfg5' man page.
e7b7d98 Added man pages.
8d5eb93 Implemented ability to utilize an external CA
6a1cf64 Removed 'pki/base/silent/templates/subca_silent.template'.
af58413 Move default location for client cert database (pkisilent)
cfcd015 Move default location for client certificate database
1e15712 Enable Subordinate CA
906acfd Enable building on ARM architecture.

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