On 01/31/2013 08:36 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Martin Kosek wrote:
These 2 attached patches were generated based on my debugging session with
"tsunamie" and helping him dealing with migration from his openldap DS. With
these applied, migrate-ds command no longer crashes with an error.

I can lend my openldap instance I used when developing these patches.


Doesn't the second patch break the rule where the same enforcement is done on
entering the data via a named option and setattr? If I understand this
correctly the implication is that you couldn't do:

ipa user-mod --description='  foo '

But you could do

ipa user-mod --setattr description='  foo '


I don't think so. This patch just removes this restriction from *attr parameters themselves, the underlying parameter validators (i.e. description parameter) should be still applied. Though in case of the leading and trailing spaces, they somehow get trimmed:

# ipa group-mod foo --setattr "description=    some spaces    "
Modified group "foo"
  Group name: foo
  Description: some spaces
  GID: 1416400004

But as I wanted to have this patch only because of the failing user_mod operation in the migration.py plugin and since you plan to replace it in your WIP migration performance patch with direct LDAP mod operation, I do not insist on pushing patch 359 and patch 358 would be sufficient.


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