Petr Viktorin wrote:
ipa-replica-conncheck ran SSH in quiet mode, probably to suppress a
message about connecting to an unknown host. This made it hard to debug
connection errors.

I didn't find a way to separate SSH output from the output of the called
command, I decided to try an additional SSH connection before calling
conncheck. SSH is set to verbose and if it fails the errors get printed
out. Also, the host is added to a temporary known_hosts file.
The second SSH is called without the -q flag so errors/warnings are not
lost even if the command fails. The temporary known_hosts file is used
so the unknown host warning doesn't appear here.

The general procedure looks good, I don't think we should hardcode the path to ssh. overrides the current environment so we should be able to safely run just 'ssh'.

We eventually need a cross-platform way of locating system binaries.

The hardcoded path to ipa-replica-conncheck is probably ok since we provide that binary ourselves.


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