On 29.1.2013 10:21, Jan Cholasta wrote:
A patch from this patchset (part 3) causes some of the dns plugin tests
to fail (idnsallowdynupdate is missing in dnszone_add output).


Patch 143:

+            assert isinstance(entry_or_dn, DN)
+            if normalize is None or normalize:
+                entry_or_dn = self.normalize_dn(entry_or_dn)
+            entry_attrs = dict(entry_attrs)

Can you please return LDAPEntry here as well, i.e. replace dict(entry_attrs) with self.make_entry(entry_or_dn, entry_attrs)?

+    def delete_entry(self, entry, normalize=None):
+        """Delete entry.
+        The `normalize` argument does nothing when called with a LDAPEntry.
+        The legacy variant is:
+            delete_entry(dn, normalize=True)
+        """

I don't think this is right. We don't need to know any of the attributes of an entry to delete it, just its DN. I think we should keep the DN variant of delete_entry as the primary one.


Jan Cholasta

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