Tomas Babej wrote:
On 02/06/2013 07:57 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Tomas Babej wrote:

this pair of patches improves HBAC rule handling in selinuxusermap

Patch 0031 deals with:

Patch 0032 takes care of:

and is to be applied on top of Patch 0031.

See commit messages for detailed info.


ACK for patch 0032.

For patch 0031 we can't change the data type of an existing attribute.
It will break backwards compatibility. Can you test with an older
client to see if it cares (it may not care about the name of the
type). If older clients will work then this is probably ok.

I gather that seealso detected as a DN attribute and converted into a
DN class and this is blowing up the Str validator?

Yes, that was exactly the case.

I added a workaround for older client versions, tested it with
freeipa-client/admintools 2.2, works as expeceted.
However, this only should be issue if there is older admintools package
on the client than on the server.

Outline is such as follows: I added a new flag for DNParam seelalso
attribute, called 'allow_malformed' that allows any string to be passed
to DNParam. Its value gets wrapped in 'malformed=yes,value=<value>'.
This allows to parse out the string in selinuxusermap-add/mod
pre_callback out of the DN and search for the rule with such name so
that it's DN gets in LDAP instead.

Updated patch attached.


I like where you're going with this, just a couple of comments:

1. Should we come up with a more universal name for allow_malformed? Is this something that we should allow at a higher level? I was thinking allow_raw, or allow_non_dn, or something like that.

2. I think that if a bad dn is passed in as a Str the conversion into a DN won't be handled:

+            if 'allow_malformed' in self.flags:
+                dn = DN(('malformed','yes'),('value',value))

Should this be wrapped in a try/except to raise a ConversionError if it fails?


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